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This is the image of my cafe when I reached Level 24! As you can see, almost nothing had changed. Instead, more expensive decors and ornaments were added in my resto!

But what have you observed here?

Yup, there were only four people in my cafe. Three of these people were my three waiters while the other one is me, at your service…chef Rocky!

These how my cafe looks like when no people were eating! What you only see are my three waiters and me! And this period normally happens during the opening of our cafe during the early morning!

With only us, the four people in our cafe, you will see more how the situation of the personnel looks-like inside the store during opening or if no people were eating! c”,)

For your updates on the latest happening in Rockz Cafe, currently right now, I’m on Level 30! Great one! c”,)


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Still we are on the cafe of my officemate John Angelo!

This is my sequel on his cafe after I featured it on my previous post! As I told you, he owned the third to the largest cafe! Since his cafe world is too large to handle, I made another featured post for it! This time, let’s look at it from the top!

Here’s how his cafe looks like seeing it from top view.

Still looking good though he is in the renovation process! Some part of his cafe were not yet furnished! Majority of his floor was not yet fully converted to glossy dark blue. There were also remaining default tables and chairs. But majority were now in dark blue!

His stoves and counters were also in the process of conversion. Even the doors and his walls were about to transform!

Looking it directly on the center disregarding the other area, you may feel that you’re already in the bar! What more if this cafe is fully designed?!

So John, we will be waiting for your newly renovated bar! We can’t wait to see it! Good luck! Keep it growing…!!! c”,)

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Here’s the other featured cafe from one of my neighbors. This cafe was owned by my officemate John Angelo!

His cafe keeps on growing and growing! Yeah, actually he owned the third to the largest cafe! Two more to go, then he finally holds the title of  having the largest cafe area!

Currently, he is now on Level 53!

His cafe is simply elegant! His motif is a bar-like cafe!

As you can see, his cafe design is a glossy-type bar surrounded with dark blue. The color of his floor was perfectly blended with his tables and chairs! Dark blue in looks, glossy bar in feel!

Since his cafe cannot prevent from growing and growing, what he has right now is a cafe under renovation. He is currently in the process of designing his cafe! But even though under renovation, his cafe resto still looks good and attractive! So whenever you want a party, come and visit this John Angelo’s place!!! c”,)

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After the busy day when many customers came in my cafe, only few people were left!

We were about to count my inventory for this day! Glad that I earned more for this day since many customers came!

Now that only less people were left, one unique person I’ve noticed! Have you see what I see?

Yeah, there was a unique visitor here in my cafe! A unique lady! She’s a violet lady!

Look at her, very violet! Starting with her violet hair, her dress were also decorated with violet lines and spots! How nice she was!

That violet lady was the icon of Ms. Amy Perez! Yup, she was represented by that violet girl here in this cafe world!

Very unique! Very cute! =)

Hope that more and more unique visitors and customers will come here in my cafe! c”,)

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After the long wait…I’m glad…here comes the people! Oh yeah!

As you can see, more customers were now busy visiting and eating in my cafe! Great!

They love the foods and dishes that we served! What more, they really love the design and layout of my cafe! They all got attracted with red!

With these many people, my coins and income still grow!

I have now lots of coins during this level! Wow!

So, keep on coming guys! Happy eating! Enjoy your meals!!! c”,)

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Still on Level 23 of my cafe! The chef already finished his inventory! Hmm…still few customers visited my cafe.

After the inventory, me as the master chef together with my four waiters were still waiting for more people!

But still, as youi can see, only few were there!

My waiters then just formed a line! Hope that customers were enter our cafe! Hayz…!!!

But then, though less people visited my cafe, I’m still glad that my income, my coins keep on growing! c”,)

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Since my cafe motif as of now is Chinese Restaurant, I know you all waiting for a Chinese dish! So, here you go…!

Actually it’s my first time to serve in my cafe this kind of dish. This is called a “Chinese Candy Box”!

Do you know where it came from? Or you’re thinking that I was the one who bought it?

It was given to me by my friend! Yup, since in Cafe World, we have the chance to give free items or dish to our friends. And this what I have got last night!

This Chinese dish really fits my Chinese Cafe! Cool! c”,)

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