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Now I know how will my sales increase again and how will I bring back the number of my customers!

It’s time for…REFORMATION!

Yeah, I need to reformat the layout of my design….

The first that I did was to lessen or eliminate the number of my chairs and tables! 8 red tables and 8 red chairs were deducted!

Of course I bought 2 new maroon round tables and chairs! Now I’m ready for reformat!

See how I did it! The water fountain was now put on the center! And look at the new round tables. For the meantime, I just merged them into one!

Now look at my cafe. It looks wide and spacious! And this marks the start again of the coming of my customers….! Day by day, there were eating in my newly reformatted cafe giving them the ease to breath! c”,)

How about you, would you like it?! =)


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Just recently,  I shared with you the cafe design of one of my neighbors which really looks like a sacred place! It gives us a total resemblance of a temple.

Now I have here another cafe design from my Facebook friend and colleague  Honeylet. At first look on her design, what comes on your mind?! How does it looks in a glance?

Yeah, seems that you will be attending a Sunday mass. Or maybe you will having a tour in a glamor museum! Haha!

Yup, it’s because her cafe design gives us a look and appearance of either a church or a museum! It’s solemn huh!

Maybe the foods serve here is as solemn as its look? But then, I really appreciate the way she made her design. I like the blending of her furniture. It all blends giving us a solemn and glamor look depicting a church or a museum!

So what can you say?! Can you come and visit this place?! How does it feels eating in this kind of design…?! c”,)

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I’m so glad that my neighbor friend sent me a menu gift. This is called Shrimp Pasta! It’s sooo delicious!

The appearance of it is really yummy….

Actually it is a pasta topped with more shrimp. Well, that’s why it’s called a shrimp pasta! =)

It is blended with special thick sauce. With its creamy top, you will really fell salivating! I can even help myself to have a taste of it! Oh wow!

Thanks to my Facebook friend for sending me a delicious gift like this. I immediately served it here in my resto. And glad that it was sold out fast!!! c”,)

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Here is another featured dish served  in my Rockz Cafe. It is called Kung Pao Stir Fry!

Nowadays the foods that were really In in the stomach of every Filipino were the Chinese foods like siomai, siopao, guapao, and the Hongkong style noodles.

So to be inline with the current food craze, Rockz Cafe now provides food like those.

Yup, this is a Chinese food! It really belongs to the family of siomai!

The looks, the taste…it’s really terrific. Truly Chinese!

Come and taste it! This food blends with the current theme of  cafe!

So what are we waiting for…let’s go and have a taste of it!! Enjoy! c”,)

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This is the period wherein very, very few customers were eating in my cafe.

I don’t know what the problem is. I already put an addition door. But still problem persist!

What may be the solution to this?!

Aha! I already found out! In the table design itself! Yeah I will redesign my tables…c”,)

Then see what happen next…!!

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Looking at the top, here how the Rockz Cafe looks.

You will see here the design layout of my cafe now with two doors.

Tables were   scattered in a group. One big door for entrance and one small one for exit were alloted. But customers can enter and exit in any doors they want!

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At this level, few customers enter my cafe.

So as a workaround, I put another two thinking that more and more people will enter my place!

Here’s my previous design!

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