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Yeah you heard it right! Your favorite Rockz Cafe is now serving brew hot coffee! Oh so yummy…!

And it comes with the different variety of flavors. As you can see, there were so many to choose to from. Come and pick you choice! Above is the coffee book for you. Taste and feel its sweet blend and its hot aroma!

What more will you ask?! Or will you for more and more cups?! Yeah I know you will really ask for more!

Actually it’s another first from my Facebook’s Cafe World! A new blend of drinks to serve to its million clients! New menu or a new set of coffee beverages were now in your hands!

So, what are you waiting for?! Come and get your cup! Awesome! C”,)


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I’m so glad that my neighbor friend sent me a menu gift. This is called Shrimp Pasta! It’s sooo delicious!

The appearance of it is really yummy….

Actually it is a pasta topped with more shrimp. Well, that’s why it’s called a shrimp pasta! =)

It is blended with special thick sauce. With its creamy top, you will really fell salivating! I can even help myself to have a taste of it! Oh wow!

Thanks to my Facebook friend for sending me a delicious gift like this. I immediately served it here in my resto. And glad that it was sold out fast!!! c”,)

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Here is another featured dish served  in my Rockz Cafe. It is called Kung Pao Stir Fry!

Nowadays the foods that were really In in the stomach of every Filipino were the Chinese foods like siomai, siopao, guapao, and the Hongkong style noodles.

So to be inline with the current food craze, Rockz Cafe now provides food like those.

Yup, this is a Chinese food! It really belongs to the family of siomai!

The looks, the taste…it’s really terrific. Truly Chinese!

Come and taste it! This food blends with the current theme of  cafe!

So what are we waiting for…let’s go and have a taste of it!! Enjoy! c”,)

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Red is for the red cafe! Red surrounded my cafe! So, red is still for my menu!

Let us continue our craze and crave for desserts! Let’s have a sweet talk!

Allow me to serve with you this Red Velvet Cake! With its looks, you will really crave for more and more! So sweet, so yummy! Yum-yum!

Actually this is also given to me by one of my Facebook’s friends. And it’s surely best to serve!

I love how it looks! With its appearance, it really taste sweet! It’s a fruit flavored cake! It maybe a strawberry or a cherry cake! Oh so yummy! I like to taste it! Hope more and more friends will send me a dessert like this! Cool! c”,)

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After talking of some main dishes, let’s now talk about desserts! Wow, so yummy…so sweet!

Let me introduce to use one of the desserts serve here in the Rockz Cafe! Actally, it was given to me as a gift by one of my Facebook’s friends!

This dessert is called the Belgiabn Waffles! Take a glance on how it looks like!

Yup, this is a waffle biscuit blended with sweets and dressings! It’s such a special type of recipe usually serve to those sweet-loving people! Many customers like it!

With its caramel brown color, you will truly ask for it right after every meal! c”,)

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This is my favorite menu here in Cafe World! Besides, this is the major dish or menu serve here in the Rockz Cafe! I have lots and lots  of this kind of  dish to serve to you!

Well, you wonder why I love to serve this kind of menu?!

It’s simply because, when I’m still in Level 32, this is the most expensive dish to serve! Yeah, it brought me lots of income! So I took the opportunity to serve more of this kind of food!

This dish is called King Crab Bisque! Cooking of this food last for 1 day! So, if you’re not able to serve it after a one day, it will eventually get spoiled!

Well if all of these were sold, it can give you a total amount of 6560 coins!  c”,)

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Since my cafe motif as of now is Chinese Restaurant, I know you all waiting for a Chinese dish! So, here you go…!

Actually it’s my first time to serve in my cafe this kind of dish. This is called a “Chinese Candy Box”!

Do you know where it came from? Or you’re thinking that I was the one who bought it?

It was given to me by my friend! Yup, since in Cafe World, we have the chance to give free items or dish to our friends. And this what I have got last night!

This Chinese dish really fits my Chinese Cafe! Cool! c”,)

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