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Yeah you heard it right! Your favorite Rockz Cafe is now serving brew hot coffee! Oh so yummy…!

And it comes with the different variety of flavors. As you can see, there were so many to choose to from. Come and pick you choice! Above is the coffee book for you. Taste and feel its sweet blend and its hot aroma!

What more will you ask?! Or will you for more and more cups?! Yeah I know you will really ask for more!

Actually it’s another first from my Facebook’s Cafe World! A new blend of drinks to serve to its million clients! New menu or a new set of coffee beverages were now in your hands!

So, what are you waiting for?! Come and get your cup! Awesome! C”,)


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Your favorite cafe restaurant, the Rockz Cafe is now currently showing its exterior appearance! Yeah! And this how it looks! Plain and simple at first, but now groomed into a beautiful cafe!

Actually this is another new innovation of Facebook’s Cafe World game. It started two days from now. I was surprised that Cafe World is now offering its user the ability to design its exterior look. I’m so excited to make it more beautiful the way I did to its interior!

But making your Cafe World’s exterior design was not that easy! Yeah, it involves lots of money! The materials to be use for its beautification are to expensive! So glad and so lucky that I was able to make my outside design beautiful and attractive since I already earned 5 million plus coins! Wow!

And the above picture shows how my final design looks like! Simple but beautiful! It’s catchy and attractive. I was the one who decide to put orange walls on it to blend with its interior. Even the flooring blended with the walls and the inside design of it! What more, I add pink flowers on the side with green bushes. Trees of pines and fruits were also put to add fresh green appearance on it! Light posts were also erected to light your dark path! Wow, oh so cool! Great one!

What more will you ask for?! This is just only my first exterior design of my Rockz Cafe. Sooner you will see a more great looks! It will truly attracts more and more clients. Inside and outside, truly beautiful! Well, what can you say?! Will you love my design?! C”,)

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The Rockz Cafe continuously grows! Its success is really undeniable! It currently had its expansion! And its interior design is also brand new!

After you go Asian with the Red Cafe, then feel cozy with the Elegant Cafe, time no become brighter than orange!

Now, let me present to you the new look of Rockz Cafe. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome the so-called…‘Bright Orange Cafe’!

Since orange became part of my love and my lovelife, I was then inspired with it. I learned to love it. It’s so nice to my eyes! Orange brightens my life! And since orange connotes or symbolize brightness or smartness with my touch of my personal love, I use it as my current theme!

Look how orange brightens my cafe world. Rockz Cafe now looks clean, fresh, and relaxing! So cool to eat with! Really lovi’n orange…! C”,)

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At last, your favorite Rockz Cafe now reached One Million!

Yeah, I already earned One million plus coins. I am now a multi-millionaire owner of this hit cafe!

In fact, I am already on Level 45. Soon to go to Level 46 onwards!

And look at my clients, they keep on coming! Yup, we were too busy within these days since customers  keep on coming and coming! Lots, lots, lots of customers we have! They were all happily waiting in my red cafe!

What more…since I already earned 1 Million plus, I am about to expand my cafe!!! Yeepey!! Everybody was excited!

Sooner, a big expanded Rockz Cafe will welcome you!

Keep on coming! Hayz, I’m always running out of food because of my hundred customers! But because of them, I was able to reached one million! Thanks!!! c”,)

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Yeah, this is now my current Red Rockz Cafe! The expanded new cafe! More wider, more spacious, more accommodating…!

After I reached Level 33 with enough money to buy addition land area, I immediately expand my cafe! See now how it looks.

Since it’s wider now, I can’t take a main photo of  it covering the whole portions. So I decided to take a top view of it as you can see!

What more did you notice besides the space?

Of course, there were additional new tables, chairs and furniture. New stoves and food counters were also added! And also, the layout was slightly changed.

Still my Red Orient-Style motif was maintained!

So come now and visit it! You’re very much welcome! Be part of my growing neighbors! c”,)

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This is the last time you would see this kind of layout for Red Cafe.

Yup, this was my former design! And I’m about to it!

It is because, as of this moment, I already expanded my cafe! Yeepey! So, since it becomes larger in area, the layout of my furniture eventually changes!

More new tables and chairs were added to this. More other appliances were included! My area now gets wider!

Still the motif was maintained!

Currently, I already reached Level 34! And it will going to reach Level 35!

Excited to see my latest design?!

Well, I will post it soon here in your favorite site! For now, let’s enjoy my previous design before we leave it! c”,)

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What’s New? What’s hot?! Well, before we discuss the latest happenings in the Rockz Cafe, let’s talk first the master chef, Chef Rocky!

Now that Rockz Cafe was already expanded and now in Level 34, of course Chef Rocky already transformed!

Oops…he’s not transforming his own looks or appearance, he just changed cloth!

Look at him. What can you say? Do you like his present suit?!

After wearing the red Asian cloth, Chef Rocky now changed his outfit. With a red shirt blended with a yellow lining and buttons, he looks like his in the toy kingdom! So fantastic! c”,)

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