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The Rockz Cafe continuously grows! Its success is really undeniable! It currently had its expansion! And its interior design is also brand new!

After you go Asian with the Red Cafe, then feel cozy with the Elegant Cafe, time no become brighter than orange!

Now, let me present to you the new look of Rockz Cafe. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome the so-called…‘Bright Orange Cafe’!

Since orange became part of my love and my lovelife, I was then inspired with it. I learned to love it. It’s so nice to my eyes! Orange brightens my life! And since orange connotes or symbolize brightness or smartness with my touch of my personal love, I use it as my current theme!

Look how orange brightens my cafe world. Rockz Cafe now looks clean, fresh, and relaxing! So cool to eat with! Really lovi’n orange…! C”,)


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After the long wait…I’m glad…here comes the people! Oh yeah!

As you can see, more customers were now busy visiting and eating in my cafe! Great!

They love the foods and dishes that we served! What more, they really love the design and layout of my cafe! They all got attracted with red!

With these many people, my coins and income still grow!

I have now lots of coins during this level! Wow!

So, keep on coming guys! Happy eating! Enjoy your meals!!! c”,)

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The previous style of my red cafe was commented that it was just like a mess hall! So after I gathered the different comments and with my own observations, I rearranged my layout! And this is now the result!

Now, what can you say? A fresh new layout! Did it now look more a real-life or a true-to-life restaurant?!

I rearranged the dinning tables into a whole  square type. It can caters to a group of four people!

Three big square tables were produced! The supposed to be last piece was break-down into two mini-tables which were good only for two persons! Why?! It’s because of the lack of space! So, I decided to break it into two! But then, the splitting of the tables still make a good design!  It fits to the the overall appearance and design of the red cafe!

Now what can you say about this latest design? Do you like it! I was on Level 22 that time!

The table layouts served as the primary changes and innovations for my Rockz Cafe dressed in red! c”,)

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Still on my previous design at Level 20 which looks liked a Mess Hall, did you know that this message (above) was the first cafe world image that I used as my wallpaper in my office’s PC?

Yup, since I was really inspired and addicted with my own cafe, I used this as my PC wallpaper! Everytime that I was in our office, I can’t help myself but look and look at wallpaper!

For me, it’s relaxing and stress relieving!

My officemates also appreciated this design!

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