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The Rockz Cafe continuously grows! Its success is really undeniable! It currently had its expansion! And its interior design is also brand new!

After you go Asian with the Red Cafe, then feel cozy with the Elegant Cafe, time no become brighter than orange!

Now, let me present to you the new look of Rockz Cafe. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome the so-called…‘Bright Orange Cafe’!

Since orange became part of my love and my lovelife, I was then inspired with it. I learned to love it. It’s so nice to my eyes! Orange brightens my life! And since orange connotes or symbolize brightness or smartness with my touch of my personal love, I use it as my current theme!

Look how orange brightens my cafe world. Rockz Cafe now looks clean, fresh, and relaxing! So cool to eat with! Really lovi’n orange…! C”,)


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Let’s go back to our favorite Red Cafe!

This was my design when I reached Level 23! Can you see what’s the new addition?

Well, besides the new layout of the table, the most distinguishable addition of new ornaments in my cafe is the blossom tree! Have you seen it?!

Yup, I placed it just beside the black sofa near the glass door! Look at it, did it fits my design?!

The addition of this blossom tree makes my place more relaxing and more stress relieving! It so nice in the eyes! It still blends with my current color combination! c”,)

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Still on my previous design at Level 20 which looks liked a Mess Hall, did you know that this message (above) was the first cafe world image that I used as my wallpaper in my office’s PC?

Yup, since I was really inspired and addicted with my own cafe, I used this as my PC wallpaper! Everytime that I was in our office, I can’t help myself but look and look at wallpaper!

For me, it’s relaxing and stress relieving!

My officemates also appreciated this design!

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